Party Room

It can be used for various purposes such as parties (Birthday party, Halloween, Christmas, etc.), live viewing, watching sports, shooting, lessons, etc.

The spacious room of about 60㎡ is equipped with a bed (702/703), sofa bed, sofa, table, kitchen and bathroom.

It has a projector that allows you to watch live broadcasts, Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube, terrestrial digital broadcasting, and more.

You can also use DAM home karaoke, Nintendo switches (fee-charging), space lights.

If you want to hold a private event, but find no space, or want to spend time with friends while cooking, please use the party room.

Instructions on how to use and facilities

Three stylish rooms that look great on your photos

Room. 701 American Vintage Style

Room. 702 City of Modern Style

Room. 703 Designers Style